Jack Herer #3

14.5%  THC     0.1% CBD

Jack Herer (Sannie’s Jack F8)

Type: Mostly Sativa

Breeder: Sannie’s Seeds

A true accolade to the ”Emperor of Hemp”, this is the real deal ‘Jack Herer’ bred exclusively by Sannie’s, real haze dominant strain. Sannie’s Jack is the result of over 10 years of dedication accompanied by a very careful strict selection process, choosing only the strongest plants for each generation resulted in an extremely stable F8 ‘Jack Herer’.

Primarily selected on flavour to capture the unique ‘Jack Herer’ quality of a spicy lemon haze that is appreciated by so many connoisseurs.

‘Sannie’s Jack’ is so stable for a Hybrid that it is at the point you could call her an IBL strain.

Test Results

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